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The most important feature of an ideology is that the values laid in an ideology do not change when the circumstances change.

Balance is essential to progress and for peace. There is no willingness jana sena ism book pdf download boik to serve with dedication or sacrifice their comforts for the well-being of people. Politics has become the art of gaining and keeping power. Recognition of a problem is as important as the application of a solution. Instead it will be made available online for free download!

Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party ISM Book Promo Video

Download Anushka Jana sena ism book pdf download Telugu mp3 Songs: Everything we are as a society finds its way into our political reality. Kalyan and Jana Sena is committed to society and through society, committed downlozd creating a balanced socio-political reality.

The political disasters we see are human made and have roots in small problems that they once were which become catastrophic through negligence, laziness, inefficiency and unwillingness.

The Election Commission has directed the party to follow and comply the provisions Under Section 29B and 29C of the Representation of the People Act, which are applicable to all political parties. Just because there always an element of injustice in life, does not mean we all together give up the ideal of justice and allow it to rule us.

Pawan Kalyan’s Book ISM Download PDF – Ideology of Jana Sena Party | PATHAN KHAN

Create a social political army for a just and balanced society Jana Sena means an army of people. This is the definitive work, the dashing downliad whose epic dream is to end poverty and injustice.

Pawan Kalyan, is not a political leader but a socio-political leader, a reformist who addresses problems that are very basic to our existence. Quality printing and paperback. Injustice is a reality of life, but we must fight it and ensure that our society does not become a symbol of injustice. The Election Commission has set aside the objections received to prf Registration of the party in response to the public jana sena ism book pdf download published downllad the news papers treating the said objections as unsustainable.

Pawan Kalyan Ism Book Download Pdf · Storify

April 24, at Proud of his thinking! As part of the Socio-Political agenda party chief Pawan Ssna is releasing jana sena ism book pdf download on ideology of Jana Sena written 6 years ago which has been refined for years. It’s a simple one discussing what is right. The soul at the centre is also at the heart of everything we do as individuals and as a nation. We senna endeavour to treat our fellow humans the same we as we treat ourselves 2.

It has become necessary to create a Jana Sena, a socio-political army, because there is a great dearth of sincerity in our political leaders and political parties.

April 19, at 5: Political reality is a reflection of our society and is not to downloas seen in isolation.

Party Emblem and Flag The Party Emblem is a combination forces that define our nation’s life and struggle.

Pawan Kalyan Ism Book Download Pdf

The soul is our true reality, our ultimate truth. It is not just a reality that is suddenly caused by politicians and political parties.

Law must not discriminate between powerful and powerless people 3. Ideals are values that one stands by and uses them to navigate through the thick and thin of a journey. A Sena is needed to bring people together towards the goal of a cleaner, healthier society where there is justice and balance. Subscribe via email Enter your email address: It is not normal for huge disasters to simply descend on society suddenly, unless of course they are jana sena ism book pdf download disasters.

Aims and objectives 1. I have decided to form Jana Sena Party because there are many people who are like me. A balanced society can be created if we focus on problems and attend to jana sena ism book pdf download immediately and with utmost sincerity. The dot in the centre The dot in the centre represents the soul of every being. Equality of conditions must prevail for all people 4.

Now he needs to be part in building the party organization.